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Beautiful Custom Staircases to Fit Your Budget

Our customers are always looking for better and more cost-effective ways to improve the look and appeal of their home. At LBJ Flooring, we are constantly tailoring our services to meet the needs of our customers so that their dreams can be made into reality. That has always been my mission and standard for the company, and whether you have a clear and concise design in mind, or absolutely nothing at all, we will accomplish that vision through a thorough consultation with you personally.

Even though our name says “flooring”, that doesn’t mean that’s all we do.

Staircase resurfacing and redesigning has become one of our more popular services over the years. Suited for every budget, we can help turn your rustic old staircase into a dramatic centerpiece for your home, especially for an entryway. In fact, most of these staircase makeovers can be done by simply touching up three to four items on the staircase itself. To begin with, we leave the staircase frame alone and move the existing balusters off to the side. From there we have the option of touching up the surface of the stairs, the staircase caps (which are used to mount the balusters into the staircase), or the staircase skirt (which includes the lower half of the stair that descends).The easiest and most cost-effective way to add flair to your stairs is to install carpet or carpet runners down the length of the stairs. The carpet material is really easy for us to cut and measure while still sticking to your budget and beautifying at the same time. The next option would be to install prefinished tile flooring. Each material differs in terms of labor and cost to install, but overall, is still a very cost-effective option. If you’re looking for a very elegant finish, then you can start getting into solid wood treading and the different stain options that come with it. After you have selected your surface for the staircase, we can take a look at the caps, balusters and skirts. Choose from wooden balusters, either stained or painted, or you can choose to have beautiful wrought-iron balusters—it all depends on the style of your home and your budget! If you are looking for something more unique, we have worked with other third parties in the past to accommodate for custom set pieces, such as glass and hand-crafted metalwork.So the next time you go to remodel the floors in your house or office building, be sure to take a look at the staircase to see if it complements your new flooring. We would hate for you to have to spend more money hiring multiple companies to work on your house when all your remodeling could be summed up into one neat little package. Give us a call with the new ideas you have for your entryway and we will do our best to make your dreams a reality! Call us now for an estimate: (866) 317-2779.

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