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LBJ Flooring Can Transform Your Fireplace and Your Floor

Brent Johnson, the “B” in LBJ Flooring, talks about why a flooring company can remodel your fireplace:

"When you’ve been doing flooring for as long as I have, you become familiar with all types of home-remodeling projects. You start to realize that other remodeling projects in the home or office need similar skills to the ones you need to install flooring. Take fireplaces for instance. Many of them use the same matching tile used for the floors in the same exact room. So why use two different companies to do the same job?

We at LBJ Flooring have the skill set necessary to install and fabricate tiles on both the floor and on the fireplace. In addition, we can do moldings, create stains and finishes, as well as install baseboards, legs and mantles.

We have discovered our skill in fireplace remodels because of our customers. Having met with many of them personally and discussing what they envision for their home, we have realized that we can create a win-win situation for both parties.

This is because we can eliminate using multiple contractors to do both projects: The flooring and the fireplace. By doing both projects, we shorten the time needed to complete the jobs and allows us to utilize the manpower we have to start projects early and finish them quickly. Before, we would have to wait on the fireplace contractors to finish their task before we could even start, setting the project back a few weeks, and even a month in certain cases. But now we are in full control of the timeline, and can offer a better price for the remodel because we can make less trips and the customer is only paying for one contractor.”

Just remember that our mission is to take your dreams and turn them into a reality. If you are looking for a traditional fireplace, a Victorian style, or even a contemporary look, we can create it for you. Let us jump into your remodeling plans together and see what solutions we can find to make your home beautiful within your budget. Call us now for an estimate: (866) 317-2779.

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